Sony future films

Sony has revealed their upcoming films. Really looking forward to the Bad Boys and Ghostbuster, not because I think they will be great, just very curious to what will do with it and whether or not will flop huge.

The following is the full list of releases:

“Money Monster” – 4/8/16
“The Shallows” – 6/24/16
“Ghostbusters” – 7/15/16*
“Patient Zero” – 9/2/16
“The Magnificent Seven” – 9/23/16*
“Underworld 5” – 10/21/16
“Passengers” – 12/21/16
“Jumanji” – 12/25/16
“The Dark Tower” – 1/13/17
“Resident Evil 6” – 1/27/17
“Bad Boys 3” – 2/17/17
“Baby Driver” – 3/17/17
“Barbie” – 6/2/17
“Uncharted” – 6/30/17*
“The Lamb” – 12/8/17
“Bad Boys 4” – 7/3/19


A roller coaster with high quality performances. Most definitely a movie you should watch. When you look back in the days to the golden era of Bruce Willis with his movie Twelve Monkeys, this movie is certainly almost up there.

But unfortunately this movie can be split in two. The first half is amazing, and even though the future time travel part it makes sense. The second part however, is a different story, the rainmaker kid. A child with special powers which makes it very unbelievable and it’s a shame.

In my eyes they should have stuck to the story of the main characters, the world, the bad guys and the business they were in. Which are all awesome. The kid story in the second half makes it look like a kid has special powers which he has, and it’s more going into fantasy. As the first part is definitely a top notch thriller. Parts where the future you, goes back in time to find the present you, and to locate you he carves something in his arm so the scar gives a perfect location and time to meet. How awesome is that.

Anyway, long story short. Must-see yes, but it’s put in a 2000 era sauce, meaning it’s not that daring and deep as the older movies. And yes, you guest it, the background image is from the same movie. I’m just a sucker for these kind of films.

Fantastic Four

The four Marvel characters who are there to help and save the world. Already two films in they figured, let’s change the formula a bit because the last two films were a box office failure. The DVD and film rights did pretty good however.

Now with the new one, they changed it all. Even the ethnicity of one of the main characters is changed, meaning that in the origin let’s say the main character was Chinese, they now make it into Mexican. It doesn’t feel right tot he fans. We understand from a studio point of view but it just doesn’t feel right. Unless in the comics first another dimension introduced then there might be a possibility like what they did to the Spiderman franchise.

It was introduced in the comics that it would no longer be played by a white guy but now by a dark colored kid. The result? With the new casting the internet went nuts and wanted a dark colored guy to play the part. We can learn from this, it’s a good strategy. Don’t push things through our throat but ’judo’ it into something that the audience want.

Same goes for all that surveillance and CCTV, normally a human being would say no to being tracked and filmed every moment of the day. But make the world a dangerous place and what do you get? People chanting for these kinds of measurements, boarding with a full 360 body scan, heat seekers and what not. Weird, as an airplane is just a flying bus. Anyway back to the story.

Fantastic Four sucked, according to the critics. I yet have to see it, coming week!